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My Beauty Faves!

Greetings all!

Ive decided that Im going to share with you my beauty products thats have made my life tonnes easier over the month of September!

Autumn/ Winter is upon us and sadly with that, comes with a change in your skin and overall routine!

Your tan goes out the window and your skincare routine has to adjust accordingly.

So here you are, these are all the products I would highly recommend!

Ive also rated them out of 5 Possible Bees!

Simple (Kind to Skin) Purifying Cleansing Lotion £3.79

After wearing make up the whole day, wipe it all of with a makeup wipe and then get a generous amount of this cleaning lotion and apply it to your face.

Rub it in your skin for about 2 minutes and the wipe your face down with another makeup wipe.

This will ensure all your make up is off whilst at the same time, maintaining the moisture of your skin during the autumn/winter season without breaking out! I swear by it!

I got it from Superdrug over a year ago and didn’t use it until now, I tried to find it in Superdrug again but they didn’t stock it, so your best bet is to by it online!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Heres a link!


MAC Liptensity Lipstick- Well Bred Brown £22

As we all know and probably would agree, MAC always deliver, this product has been around for a while.

The beauty industry went crazy over liquid lipstick for a while, but we all had the same problem, which was that it made out lips very dry! Experts suggested that we should moisturise our lips before applying!

But during this autumn/winter season, our lips are going to be extra dry, so the MAC liptensity range is your best bet. After using it religiously for the past month I found that not only did it give me coverage, it added moisture to my lips without drying them out, and on top of that the finish is flawless.

I couldn’t find it on the MAC website for some odd reason but if you want to try them you’ll have to walk into a MAC store!

MAC Pressed Blot Powder £23.50

So basically, I struggle with oily skin, I would do my make up and after a few hours, The oil would penetrate the makeup and it would begin to look greasy and made me look like I was melting.

So as desperate as I was I decided that I would need some kind of powder that wouldn’t add more make up to my face but would mattify it again. So I walked in to MAC just over a month ago, asked for a blot powder and now believe that greasy make up is a thing of the past.

The pressed blot powder doesn’t add more make up to your skin, but simply mattifies and refreshes your make up taking away all the grease.

I now carry it around everywhere I go and no longer worry about greasy outbreaks!

I am now more confident in wearing makeup!

I am in the shade Dark, and once again don’t worry I got you covered! Below is a link to buy it online, but I would suggest that you walk in to a MAC store and get the shade matched as pictures can be deceiving!


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