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PRADA | RE-Nylon ?

Hi Guys,

Long time no see? LOL

Of course, me being me, as packed as my schedule was, I still managed to find time to visit Selfridges and do some ‘Window Shopping’, Ha!

So I was on the ground floor after I finished looking for amazing Inspiration when I came across another Prada line exclusive to Selfridges.

If you are a loyal reader then you know, that I’ve blogged about prada x selfridges before.

But this time, I was blown away, Prada designed a line made from recycled materials.

The line is called RE-Nylon.


Not only were the products good quality and well constructed, they showed that they care about the environment and the damage/effect fast fashion is having on the world.

SO, I knew I had to share it with you.

You can find the line on the ground floor at selfridges London, Check it out for yourself.

Glasses cases, bags, Hats, Cutlery, dresses footwear, I mean, they literally thought about everything.

Want to know more? Heres a link the the website.

Not only that, Ive basically got you guys the whole collection.

Yep, I got you.

Love you lots,

Queen Bee x

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