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YSL Touche Eclat?

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all being safe!

I just quickly wanted to let you know about this foundation that I found my Accident.

So basically, I was walking around Harvey Nichols before lockdown, and went past the YSL Stand and was handed an envelope full of testers.

Fast forward about 4-6 months later I was curious.

I used the tester in my shade which was BD70 (Warm Mocha) In the Touche éclat le teint foundation.

I was Blown away, to the point where I think its going to be really hard for me to go back to drugstore foundations.

Im not a fan of foundation, but I took the smallest amount of it and it gave me an even tone, it was thin, light and breathable and looked, in my opinion, really expensive.

At £36 you are definitely paying for quality!

Thank Me later!

Much Love

Queen Bee x

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